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Welcome to 355 Capital, a technology-focused venture fund that specializes in investing in early-stage teams with a transformative vision to revolutionize and elevate users' experiences through groundbreaking approaches. We particularly value companies that demonstrate recurring revenues, highlighting their potential for long-term success. With over 15 years of angel investing experience, Florian has established a strong reputation for being the first to identify promising opportunities. With an impressive portfolio of 65 investments, including 10 unicorns, 26 successful exits, and 18 secondary exits, Florian is continuously presented with approximately 15 early-stage investment prospects every week. His extensive network of co-investors, built over the years, grants him access to exclusive deals, further enhancing the investment potential. Nissim brings a wealth of financial market expertise to the table, having evaluated companies and investing in early-stage ventures since 1999. With his first successful exit in 2007, Nissim possesses a keen understanding of risk management and investing across different market cycles. Additionally, his strong network spanning the USA, France, and Israel opens doors to valuable opportunities within these regions.

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Florian and Nissim joined forces as co-investors in 2019, combining their respective experiences and networks to form a formidable investment team. Drawing from their backgrounds as seasoned entrepreneurs turned investors, they leverage their deep industry connections to assist founders in building successful companies that become industry leaders. Our focus extends beyond domestic markets, as we provide our portfolio companies with international market access, facilitating their global growth. We take a hands-on approach with our founders, providing guidance and support through regular discussions to help them achieve their goals. Our emphasis on accurate reporting and financial planning ensures that our founders have the necessary insights and strategies to thrive. At 355 Capital, we invest in founders who are driven to solve challenging problems at scale, creating products and companies that people truly love. We place great importance on assembling teams with a winning combination of intellect, experience, leadership, and integrity. Join us on this exciting journey as we partner with ambitious founders to shape the future of technology and build industry champions.

Our awesome features

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